wheres my curling anime. wheres my ultimate frisbee anime. if youre gonna make sports anime go allt he way

ok uhh theres animes about all kinds of sports wheres my badminton anime 


Followers this is serious I really need a place to stay and when I’m telling everyone this is a life or death situation I really mean it. I need a place to stay away from my roommate ASAP. I don’t mind if y’all can only house me for a few days or even 1 night anything is better then staying over here. I would respectfully like to stay with non cishet’s since I would be more comfortable around other queers but please someone help.

Duck man…..

I got to work and nick was like elliott come here and then he silently handed me duckman and my knees gave out very literally




daughter. Get off the blue website. you have not left your room all day it is time for dinner. i’ve got some “feels” for you: they’re called pork chops and your mother made them with love

Todaybor day is labor day