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i've never actually seen loss jpg or whatever please explain to me






this is a long story but its fucking great

okay so back in 2002 a man named tim buckley decided to start up a webcomic about videogames called ctrl+alt+del. this was its first strip

fucking stunning writing, i know. now it was early days, so you could argue that tim was just getting started, but the level of humor rarely went higher than this. despite proclaiming to be about videogames, the strip tended to focus more upon the idiotic antics of ethan (guy on the right), lucas (guy on the left), lilah, a female character introduced later on and zeke, a xbox robot ethan makes later on in order to be Wacky

the “comedy” usually came from ethan pretty much being so constantly a problem that it’s a wonder any of the characters hung around him at all, let alone extended periods of time. jokes were largely a set up followed by violence as the punchline, which might not be so bad if it wasn’t tim buckley’s go to punchilne when he couldn’t think of anything actually funny (which was a lot of the time). and it continually got worse as ethan continued to constantly be a burden to all his friends, yet they inexplicably couldn’t stop liking him and bowing to his every whim, even lucas, the alleged straight man to ethan’s manchild, and lilah, introduced as a No Nonsense Girl Gamer somehow becoming his boyfriend

in case you haven’t gotten it yet, ethan is very clearly tim buckley’s self insert fantasy.

the thing is, despite the comic being very obviously bad, it was REALLY popular. like it was an absolutely huge thing. teen boys absolutely lapped up the tired jokes and sitcom cliches and thats not even getting into the absolutely DIRE chef brian comics. actually no you know what i will go into them. here

this was about 2 years after the first strip, and you can start to see the art and comedy style that would come to define ctrl+alt+del as tim buckley pretty much officially gave up on putting effort into his comic

this was literally how he put together his comics: drawing hundreds of predrawn graphics and then sticking them into 4 panels

and since ctrl+alt+del was so popular, it REALLY went to tim buckley’s head. he refused (and really still refuses) to take any kind of criticism. he became very egotistical (he sued a fan for making a flash featuring the CAD characters) and there are some reports of him doing pretty shady things over the internet

and then he hit on his greatest idea

instead of sticking with comedy in a 4 panel strip format, he decided to introduce drama. characters growing up, getting married, learning responsibility…while STILL sticking rigidly to the comics newspaper esque 4 panel format.

everyone who knew CAD was awful was already making fun of tim desperately trying to introduce pathos into his verse of xbox robots and manchild antics, but his ego was bigger than it had ever been and he couldn’t be dissuaded, and in 2008 he had the storyline in which ethan and lilah get married, and lilah becomes pregnant

and then, just to ratchet up the drama, tim buckley decided lilah would miscarry.

the internet fucking lost it. a moment intended to carry great drama and meaning instead became the funniest unintentional comedy ever written. thousands upon thousands of edits and parodies were made (a sampling can be found here. some of them are pretty gross tho, being ripped from 4chan, so be careful) and its a moment thats become heavily engrained in internet/videogame culture. its gotten to the point where the most simplistic form of representing this comic (a series of straight lines) can be immediately recognisable as making fun of this strip

i didnt explain this in the greatest way and im sure someone can do it more elegantly since i skipped a few things but really the entire history of ctrl+alt+del is an amazing chronicle of one man’s ego

As a long time fan of this comic I always liked it. And I never saw or heard any of this shit. I still recommend reading it and do go back to it from time to time. Who gives a shit if the artist had some hang ups  what he did was entertain us on a regular basis that wasn’t Sponge bob or brain dead level garbage equivalent to key jingling. Art takes dedication, and if he followed the south park method of premaking every single god damn frame and then layering it in to work then so be it. To keep up with a production schedule EVEN IF IT IS ONLY FOUR FRAMES takes time. That painting I did of Gigi blowing fire out of her boot? 12 hours. That porn of my warlock? 16. My regular illustrations? 4-8 hours. Literally for artists who get under sold, and under paid, and people wanting shit for free all the time so long as he was delivering something that made people happy is all that should matter. And he had every right to sue someone making a flash who didn’t ask permission to promote. Do you have any idea how annoying or heart breaking it is to see your art taken without consent? As an artist we live project to project we don’t often make more than that as freelancers so yes he can be as egotistical as he wants for how hard it is to come up with something entertaining that has to appeal to thousands of people in order for him to maybe make a thousand or two a month. It’s hard work, and anyone with any level of artistic talent trying to make it in that field or any art related career will tell you that.

TLDR: OP Is jealous of another person’s success and talks down about the artist without providing sources or facts in order to sound smug or knowledgeable about the artist, conclusion: Asshat.

this is the funniest response i could’ve asked for

I’ll always be disappointed by the time my friend tried to get him to sign a print of loss.jpg at a con and he refused.

why harry, you wouldn’t be talking about this would you?

(warning i get texted in the middle of recording this and its VERY loud just fyi)

you can’t hear what he’s saying, but I go “can you please sign this”, tim shakes his head and says “no, I’m not touching that”, and I go “well then maybe you shouldn’t have drawn it” and walk away


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i watched that video a couple days ago where eric santa-kurashiki asked ctrl alt del guy to sign the loss comic and every ~10 minutes since ive thought to myself “i cant fucking believe eric asked him to sign that comic”


From Elon James White Tuesday night.




She got me so hypnotized.


She got me so hypnotized.


elliott told me i was squeaking a lot in my sleep and it’s bc i was having a very intense dream about mopping


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